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What is the magic school of confidence?

 The Magic School of Confidence is a Magic School with a difference.
Not only do we train and inspire a new generation of magicians, we also help build essential life skills and self-confidence that can be used everyday.
Apart from gaining self-confidence, there are plenty of other ways you can benefit from learning Magic from the MSC.

Benefits of learning Magic for Adults:

- Create added impact to work presentations

- Building new friendships through the MSC

- Add an element of surprise to events or dinner parties

- Gain popularity amongst friends, family and work colleagues

- Build concentration levels and memory skills


Benefits of learning Magic for Children:

- Opening their mind to a world of fantasy and fun

- Allowing them to use their imagination through storytelling

- Improve dexterity, hand/eye coordination, concentration levels and memory

- Build public speaking skills


About Anthony De Masi

Anthony De Masi has over 27 year's of professional performance under his hat. He has enchanted individuals and audiences worldwide. Everyone from the likes of Al Gore, David Beckham and Tim Burton to global giants such as Coca Cola, Porsche and Tiffany and Co.

Anthony is also a proud inductee of the Guinness World Records for the longest running magic show – 85 hours of non-stop fun! As well as being an in demand Magician across Australia, Anthony is one of the founding directors of the Australia Institute of Magic and a proud member of the Magic Circle of Victoria.

It’s Anthony’s high energy and warmth that makes him the perfect teacher and mentor. Anthony’s passion for magic is inherent and it’s because of this love of the art form that The Magic School of Confidence was born. 

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