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classes Offered

- Professional enhancement and self-development

- Magic Skills – For Actors, MC’s, Comedians etc looking to learn skills for events

- Magic Consultancy – Specific consultancy for Film, TV and Live events

- Beginner Magic – Children & Adults Classes

- Intermediate Magic - Children & Adults Classes
- Advanced Magic - Teenager & Adults Classes




Grown up Magic Tuesday’s 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Grown up Tuesday’s is a fun, social magic night for adults. It’s a great way to meet new magic friends, network, share and learn magic.  Hosted by Anthony De Masi. Each week we have a special guest professional magician and our teachers Enzo Ficco, Chi Han Yeo and Lachlan Wilde will guide and teach you amazing magic.  

Classes are held each week.  This evening is for anyone with some experience in learning magic.


Cost is $55.00

Beginners magic class. Wednesdays  7pm – 9pm


This is a great class to learn amazing card tricks, sleight of hand, mentalism and performance skills from beginner level. Build your confidence in performing magic for your family and friends.  Anthony will help you to build a great tool belt of magic and will teach amazing magic routines. 


Gain confidence and learn lots of great skills to being a magician.


Cost is $55.00




Ages 11- 14 years  Monday 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Classes are held with Vic school term dates

Each week students learn lots of amazing magic, card tricks, performance skills, acting, perception, confidence and connection skills.


Cost is $33.00 per class

Ages 5 –7 years Tuesday's  4:30om - 5:30pm

Classes are held with Vic school term dates

Each week students learn lots of amazing magic, card tricks, performance skills, acting, perception, confidence and connection skills.


Cost is $30.00 per class

Ages 7 - 10 years Thursday  4:30pm - 5:30pm

Learn Cardistry, sleight of hand, mind blowing card magic tricks and performance skills.

Youth leadership and interpersonal life skills. Presentation skills are a big focus on this class.


Cost is $33.00 per class

Addtional Classes and Programs

School holiday program: suitable for kids 5 – 15 years.

Your junior magician will have a fun magic packed day, and will leave with lots of new and exciting magic tricks up their sleeve. Let your child’s imagination dive into the world of magic whilst improving their creativity, confidence and concentration all in the mesmerising setting of the Magic School of Confidence. 


Magician Anthony De Masi will host the workshop and teach a wide array of amazing card tricks, sleight of hand and fun magical things to make at home.   Holiday programs are held at the Magic school of Confidence.   All teachers have WWCC.


Half day program $60

Full day program $90

Private magic class

We offer gift vouchers for private magic classes for all levels of magic for adults and children

Prices start from $70 for 60 min lessons. Teacher is Anthony De Masi Learning magic allows your gifted magician in training to use their imagination through story telling whilst improving their hand/eye coordination, dexterity, concentration levels, memory and build public speaking skills. With an eclectic surrounding of books, tricks, games and vintage pinball machines we can guarantee your lesson will be jam packed with excitement! 

Classes are held at the Magic school of Confidence.

Monday – Friday (Time to be arranged )

Birthday parties at Magic school

We can host your next birthday at the Magic school of confidence. It’s a very unique and interesting venue.  We offer a magic show, magic workshop, pinball machines to play, popcorn machine and magic tricks to give to your guests in party bags.  It’s a mesmerising and magical birthday experience for your birthday child and their friends. 

Please contact us for a quote.  Our venue can host a party for up to 22 children.



What will I learn at the Magic School of Confidence?

This will depend on your level of expertise and skill however here are just some of the magical talents you will learn:


- How to engage and entertain an audience

- Utilising simple objects and making them look extravagant

- How to interact with small and large groups of people

- How to become a more memorable entertainer

- Organisational skills

- History of famous magicians and tricks

- How to structure a magic act



How old do you need to be to learn at the Magic School of Confidence? 

Any age! All you need is an imagination, a desire to entertain and personal satisfaction.


It is just as rewarding to be able to put a smile on someone’s face with magic as it is to master an illusion. Realising how much work goes into an illusion that takes years to master is a process that is satisfying and fulfilling in the end.

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to put a smile on someone's face with magic

Magic Research & Library:

The Magic School of Confidence is also home to an extensive Magic Library featuring DVDs, books, props and magazines.  Some of the Libraries publications even date back to the 1890s.

History and Support:

The Magic School of Confidence offers a wealth of knowledge and support to its students as well as access to a wide network of professional industry contacts.

If what you are looking for is not on this list

please let us know, we can help.

We offer customised packages tailored to suit your needs including private lessons, group classes, routines and special effects classes

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