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Dan Berlin Magician

“In the time in which Anthony trained me, I learned a lot. Not just about a show structure but also about the mindset of a magician and how to liaise with clients. After I left Melbourne my career took off. I improved my stage show, my marketing and when I went back to Germany I started my full time career. It didn´t take long until I got some very good gigs and now, 2 years later, I perform regularly and successfully across the world.”

- Dan Berlin

“Throughout the ten years I have known Anthony he has been a mentor, close-friend and brother. In my experience of learning magic at The Magic School of Confidence, Anthony has taught me not only baffling magic, but also how to perform properly in-front of an audience and give the feeling of real magic. The Magic School of Confidence has become a second home to me in all the years I have visited, and when I walk through the door I feel like I’m in a safe space where I’m free to leave my inhibitions behind me. I would highly recommend The Magic School of Confidence as a school for both new and experienced magicians to learn from, and even when the cards are put aside, or the top hat has been removed, I always leave with the most valuable insight from Anthony’s wisdom as one of Australia’s master magicians. ”

- Lachlan Wilde


Who has trained at the Magic School of Confidence?

Josh Staley – Australian Junior Championship of Magic 2013 – Close up Magic

David Chandler – Australian Junior Championship of Magic 2012 – Stage Magic

Lachlan Wilde – Australian Junior Championship of Magic 2015 – Close up & Stage
Dan Berlin – International Magician

Julian Berghella 

Fez Faanana - Briefs Boylesque Vaudeville Show

Magic Mentor - The Witches of Eastwick (Musical) for Carey Grammar School 2015

Lachlan wilde - Winner of the Australian Junior Championship of Magic 2015 (close up & stage magic) featured on Channel 10's The Project.


"I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful training.  You have imparted some wonderful tips that the staff will take with them for life and for me it was wonderful to have you reinforce some valuable points around passion and energy  – loved that – amongst many other things!

Your training has already enabled our shows to go to a much superior level – thank you so much – and we are all looking forward to rolling out some amazing shows."

- Libby - The Party Room


 “Thank you Anthony De Masi for all that you did in the short time we had to help prepare Julian for the Junior Comp. Thank you for believing in him, motivating him and for always being such a wonderful mentor, he couldn't have done it without you. So a big High 5 to you and the Magic School of Confidence too!”

- Anna Berghella

Not enough space to express how wonderful Magic Tony is!! He gives everyone his time and attention - young and young at heart!! He's a very nurturing and generous soul and his comedic magic is what I love most!
– Toula K


If magicians don't create spaces for instruction, encouraging and passing on the magic baton, then the next generation of magicians will sadly only have YouTube as their mentor. The Magic School of Confidence is that space, and it is a wonderful one
– Simon C


The Magic School of Confidence is a great place to learn some magic or improve existing routines. There is a large library with some very valuable and inspirational materials, and it keeps growing. Anthony has been successfully working as a full time professional magician for over 25 years, he understands and is able to communicate how it works in a simple and clear manner, and it shows with the amount of magic gigs he gets. If you don't believe me because I'm a magician, then go see for yourself.

– Hugo M


Come and learn Magic from one of the greatest performers of Australia. Anthony is not only a magician of the highest calibre, but one of the most driven and passionate artists I've ever met. There is no better place to start!

– Davide D


The Magic School of Confidence was what really boosted my magic skills and allowed me to gain and further my skills in the art of magic. The school is definitely worth joining as there is much to learn and I will always be happy to return.

– Ty B

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