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Amazing mindreading trick for all ages. 

Easy magic trick that children from 5+ can easily perform.

Show your spectator three mummies- a white one, a red one and a black one.
Hand your spectator an empty container just large enough to hold one of the mummies.
The container is the "sarcophagus" or Egyptian coffin used by the ancient Pharoahs.
While your back is turned, your spectator secretly chooses one of the mummies and places it inside the sarcophagus.
He places the lid on the sarcophagus, and places it on the table.
He hides the other two mummies out of sight (like in his pocket, or under the table).
When you turn around, you are INSTANTLY able to tell him which color mummy he chose!

The sarcophagus is completely opaque- you can't see inside it.

You don't have to touch the mummies.

You don't have to touch the sarcophagus.

You don't have to ask any questions.

No Sleight of hand skill required. 


Effect can be repeated a number of times. 

Secret of the three Mummies

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